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Teen Stress

             It's the thing that teenagers put up with on a daily basis, stress! Stress occurs when your body reacts to change. Teenagers go through more changes than any other age. That just goes to show that teenagers put up with more than we can possibly handle. Studies have shown that one-third of U.S teenagers deal with stress ona daily basis. Researchers suspect it's because of finances, family and future. The three big F's!.
             Finances are a big part of a teenager's ligfe. Since it's around the time when they're getting their licenses and then cars; it gets pretty expensive. That's the number one thing that teenagers will beg parents for, it's the hardest thing to get a hold of and teens are always too lazy to get jobs so they can have money. Then there's always expensive things that they like to do and it all involves money. They always stress about it simply because they don't have it. You may think that they shouldn't stress about it too much but once you think about it, you really can't do anything without some money in hand.
             Family is the most important thing yet it's still stressing. No family is perfect and so when trouble arises they start to stress and everything goes down hill from there. There are many things that could stress them such as divorce, cheating, and money problems. These are just the big things that always seem to happen. Family is always around, so worrying about them is just a normal thing. They say to get over stress you should separate yourself from the problem. Well, it's a little difficult when your problem lives with you.
             The future for teenagers is very important because their lives as adults depends on it. The first thing that should be running through their minds is what exact career they're going to go into. That I think is the most stressful point because it may give you some perspective on how your life will be. It's also a stressful time because research shows that we as teens feel a lot of stress because of the overwhelming expectations of their parents.

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