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            In today society, people can be very deceptive and wear two-faced to achieve what they want. They even go to the furthest extend in life pretending to be a child of God so that they can gain trust by others people and then they turn around and hurt you. Tartuffe is a very deceiving so call religious man. .
             First of all, Tartuffe being such a deceiving man who masked himself as a self-righteous devoted Christian. Tartuffe bullies his way into a contented household; disguise his own voracious sexual appetites under a mask of righteousness. He has set himself up in Orgon family pretending to be a man of God. He led Orgon and his mother to believe in him and every word that he speaks. However Tartuffe knew that his intention is to destroy the lives of Orgon and his family. Tartuffe knew that Orgon trust him so when Dorine, Elmire and Damis set up to expose him of his sexual lust he quickly has his say " yes brother, I am evil through and through, guilty full of iniquity and sin" (Moliere.p.280). Even though, Tartuffe confessed of his wrong doing Orgon did not believe because of the trust he has in him. For example he chase his son off the property and give the right to Tartuffe. .
             In no time Tartuffe made himself virtually master of the Orgon's house and the performance of it occupants. He is so devout in speaking of Heaven that Orgon believe in him and is ready to destroy his family ties because of him. Elmire has gone as far with her desperation as to expose Tartuffe with her husband by getting him to hide himself under the table but Tartuffe is very devious when he is caught in the acts of being a hypocrite he denied by saying "What? You believe ?". (Moliere.p.280). Tartuffe knew he has the power over Orgon for he has already place the deeds in his name so he orders Orgon and his family off the premise because he stated it belongs to him. Tartuffe is a very tricky man who already set his plan up against Orgon and allows trust from him.

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