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The Memories Left Behind

             This was a very difficult assignment for me because I didn't know exactly what I could leave behind to offer to others and future generations. I was contemplating talking about my terrific experiences with the handicapped or meeting so many different types of people in my life, I finally decided that I want to be remembered as a loving, genuinely kind, and honest person. All of the traits that I hope that people see in me I have because of what I have experienced in life due to my family members and my relationships with my friends.
             The reason that I chose to do my project about the relationships I have with my family and friends is due to the fact that without them I would not be the same person today. My family has gone through many rough spots but we always get through are struggles because we are very supportive of each other. I have become a supportive person because of the issues that I have dealt with in my life. I never thought that families can grow without marriages, births, deaths, or anything like that but they can. I have learned so much about life from my sister's boyfriend and his daughter. Bryon is not my sister's boyfriend he is my brother and Alana is not his daughter but my niece that I cherish and have experienced so many new things with. I have matured the most when they have been in my life and experienced so much with them. I love them dearly. I met my boyfriend three years ago when my parents got divorced and I moved in with my Mom, next door to Mike. We were barely even friends in the beginning and now we are inseparable and his family is a huge part of mine.

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