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            In our organization the main software we use is Microsoft office. With Microsoft office we can do all the necessary things that helps our business. Microsoft office has many programs to choose from. For example: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. Each office program contains valuable tools to help accomplish many tasks, such as composing reports, analyzing data, preparing presentations, and compiling information. One of the major advantages of Office is the ability to share information between programs. It saves time because you do not have to re-enter the same information in several office programs. One major disadvantage is that if you enter the information incorrect or it is corrupted in any way, you might have to possibly go and change all the information that you have entered in all the fields in the office software. Another disadvantage is the large amount of features. Especially in Microsoft office, if you do not know how to work all the features correctly you may encounter problems when using the software. Even though there is a help feature for the software, sometimes you still have to ask someone who knows the software better to get their input on the problem. .
             Since I mostly work at home, I use Microsoft outlook a lot. It gives me the ability to send and receive messages between my coworkers. A major advantage of Microsoft outlook is that if you need to send E-mail to friends or business contacts, you can do this very easily with minimal effort. Outlook makes it easy to make E-mail and send it to someone. Another advantage to outlook is that it makes it easy for you to respond to the Email that you receive. One disadvantage to the software is message response. For example, you might regret a message you send or become overwhelmed by too many unread messages in your Inbox. The ability to send a message electronically can backfire on you if you accidentally send something not intended to the recipient.

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