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The Qualities of Good Software Developer

            The Qualities of Good Software Developer.
             The software development industry in Belize is still very much in its infancy. I would dare to say that less than five organizations actually have dedicated software developers on staff. Moreover, the students currently enrolled in the various computer related programs in our tertiary level institutions are by and large uninterested in software development and those who are, are often ill prepared by the education they receive. Software development in the context I am using it refers to those occupations whereby computer software applications are developed, modified, and maintained to assist various entities in achieving efficiency in their operations. The typical jobs for a software developer are Computer Programmer, Programmer Analyst, Systems Analyst, Software Development manager, and IT Consultant. So, for the few brave-hearts who are interested in the industry, they are some fundamental qualities that you must either posses or acquire to be a sound, well-rounded software developer in the Belizean context. Disclaimer: These are only my observations and are very much debatable. Any other viewpoints are most welcomed.
             Hard Work - Okay, so every job requires that you be hard working. But I have seen many "wanna be" software developers fail primarily because of laziness. This field has no place for clock-watchers. Research is a central aspect when developing software, especially considering the fact that the IT field on a whole is so dynamic and constantly changing. As such, a software developer must always be prepared to work hard and often simply to stay on top of technology.
             Confidence - When I was first thought "programming" in high school, I immediately concurred that it was not for me. In my youth, I was too insecure in my abilities and myself. The problem solving requirements of computer programming scared me and I often started out telling myself that I could not do it.

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