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aids report

             The HIV disease has been with us for more than 80 years. Some scientists believe that AIDS spread from chimpanzees to humans at around 1926 to 1946 (AEGiS). However, The AIDS virus most probably first jumped from chimpanzees to humans as early as 1675 and didn't establish itself as an epidemic strain in Africa until 1930, according to research presented yesterday at the 13th International AIDS Conference here (Newsday). The first man that was recorded to die from the HIV disease was in Congo in 1959, about 45 years ago. Additionally in the year 1978, the AIDS disease was more common between heterosexuals, in countries like the US, Sweden, Tanzania and Haiti, gay men showed signs that would later be known as symptoms of AIDS (AEGiS). During the 1980's AIDS was spreading fast, from 422 cases that were diagnosed in 1981 to 149,902 AIDS cases in the year 1989. In the year 1982 the term AIDS was established; which stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome. During 1983 the most important discovery of the virus (HIV) is credited to the Institute Pasteur in France. As time ventured with AIDS increasing and people dying the first international conference was held in Atlanta 1985 (AEGiS). The first antibiotic for AIDS is released in 1987 by Wellcome using the aids treatment Retrovir (zidovudine) in the antibiotic by Glaxo called Zinnat. During the 1990's AIDS increased dramatically, like a plague, in 1991 10 million are diagnosed with AIDS worldwide more than 1 million in the USA. During the year of 1997 it was estimated world wide death count of 6,400,000, approximate number of HIV-positive people worldwide during this year was 22,000,000. The USA (CDC) was so desperate that it started pre-approving medications for the treatment of AIDS before testing them in the USA (AEGiS).
             Please refer to Figure number one for a general view of recent numbers of people by exposure category.
             Normal Physiology.

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