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            Africa continues to dwarf the rest of the world in how the region has been affected by AIDS. Africa is home to 70% of the adults and 80% of the children living with HIV in the world. According to the UNAIDS report, the estimated number of newly infected adults and children in Africa reached 3.5 million at the end of 2001. The HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa will not be stopped with drugs and "abstinence only" education, Sex education and condom availability are required for this battle.
             As for means of protection against HIV/AIDS, one of the biggest obstacles is a lack of availability of condoms in most of the continent. The availability of condoms and promptness in diagnosing and curing other sexually transmitted diseases, which if left untreated can increase the risk acquiring HIV/AIDS through sex. In sub-Saharan Africa alone there is only an average of 4.6 condoms per man per year, so providing another 1.9 billion condoms could have a huge impact on the epidemic. According to UNAIDS report, the availability and use of condoms in Uganda has brought its estimated prevalence rate down to around 8% from a peak close to 14% in the early 1990s. Condoms, if used consistently and correctly, can provide a high level of protection against these transmissible infections. Condoms not only prevent HIV/AIDS but can also help control Africa's growing population challenge.
             Another one of the biggest obstacles is the lack of sex education in the continent. Unlike the western culture, most African countries never talk frankly about sex. Most people were inquiring about "sex" because it was so "hidden". Curiosity got the best of them and the exploration of many sexual partners became "popular". Two of my close friends who decided to explore with the rest of the uninformed people, died from AIDS six years ago. These people were not educated on the necessary preventive measures needed to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS and other STD diseases.

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