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            AIDS has taken many lives in the short time it has been around. It spread rapidly before doctors knew what it was and how it spread. But, with awareness it has slowed down. .
             The bubonic plague took one-third of the European population, violently attacking peoples" lives. It was the last time a disease took down the world population. It spread fast because no one was sure how it spread or what it was, so they had no way of stopping it at the time. One of the only diseases comparable to the bubonic plague is AIDS. AIDS has taken many lives because at first no one knew what it was or how to control it; even now no one has found a cure.
             One of the reasons the HIV virus spread so quickly was because of drug use. It is known that people who use drugs and share their needles can spread HIV quickly and drug users are more likely to have unprotected sex. Alcohol can also be considered a drug. After consuming alcohol, people let their guard down and are more likely to have unprotected sex (AIDS.org) .
             Peoples" fear of both diseases, AIDS and bubonic plague, are similar. When the bubonic plague hit Europe, people were terrified of getting it so they fled their homes and towns. They would even leave their crops and cattle. Now when people discover someone has AIDS, they try keep away from the AIds victims, out of fear. For example, when the NBA found out that Magic Johnson had HIV, the organization did what it took to get him out of the NBA. In both cases, people fear they would contract the malady, so they ran at first sight.
             The bubonic plague hit rapidly, not giving people a chance to avoid it. One of the only signs was that the infected people would start to the rosy cheeks and by that time, they were dieing. With AIDS, most people who get AIDS don't ever know they have it untill they are dieing. Most people find out they have AIDS by accident or when they are in the final stages. With both of them it was spread because people did not know they had it and the diseases kept spreading untill they hit the final stages.

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