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            It seems as though almost any disease or illness can be cured by variety of drugs on the market, however, there is one illness that drugs can not yet cure, AIDS. It seems as one of the most fearful diseases in our world. Politicians play a big role in helping find a cure for AIDS because they play a big role in funding laboratories and scientists. In the Article from Internet on Yahoo News on September 22, 2003 U.S. Defends AIDS Spending, Urges more form Europe, the money issue about AIDS funding is brought up and how much should be given to the fund.
             Tommy Thompson defended his view on the contribution to fight against AIDS and urges European countries to help with the planned funding. The U.S. is planning to give the $15 billion to the funding of AIDS over the next five years, however, the Congress is only giving $2 billion this year because Thompson believes that $3 billion can not be absorbed because this a new project and the laboratories are going to be setting up the basics, such as finding scientists and interviewing people and giving them appropriate medicine and then keep up with them. Jacque Chirac is also trying to convinced the European Union to contribute $1 billion to the fund a year if the United States does the same. Only 300,000 of HIV positive people in developed countries have access to necessary medicine although U.N. estimates that there as much as much as 6 million people who need them who have full blown AIDS. The United Nation's goal is to have up to 3 million HIV positive people taking drugs at the year of 2005 and "halting and reversing the epidemic by the year 2005."".
             I think this plan is good and I'm happy to know that in midst of the Iraq problems, the United States has still time to worry about people's health not only helping the HIV positive people in the United States but also people around the world. The United Sates also encourages countries all around the world to contribute to the AIDS fund and help out with the search for the cure of the AIDS.

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