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             Carlos was a really smart boy who always enjoyed reading and writing. He also used to go out and party with his friends. Today he is an unhappy boy lost in the world. He sits in his room all day long crying, because he has no pleasure in doing anything anymore. His personality has changed completely. One may see him and say he is 35 years old, but he is really 18. It's really sad. All this is just because of this horrible disease called AIDS. He got the disease because he was forcibly injected with a needle that had been contaminated with the disease. Of course there are many ways to get the disease. However, the three major causes of AIDS are through blood transmission, unprotected sex and contaminated needles.
             One cause of people contracting AIDS is blood transmission. A doctor who works in the laboratory with blood can accidentally infect a patient with the virus if not taking serious precautions. A cut or a bruise on the skin can also be the cause of blood transmission if the blood gets inside the cut or bruise. For example, if a child is playing basketball and bumped into another child and his nose is bleeding, then if someone who has a cut in their hand comes to wipe him off, their blood will be in contact and transmitted to each other. Also if someone is having an operation, like a kidney operation, he/she will need blood from another person in order to have the operation. In this case, the blood which is given to the patient might have the AIDS virus.
             Another example of what causes you to get AIDS is having unprotected sex. Having unprotected sex, especially with someone you do not know, increases the risk of getting the disease because you might not know their past sexual partners. It will allow the vaginal fluids or sperm to carry the virus to another person easily. It is also risky to have unprotected sex with someone who has many sex partners; you will have a high possibility of getting contaminated because you do not know whom he/she has been with.

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