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Aquaculture In Belize

             This report will attempt to provide a comprehensive view on investment in Aquaculture to produce fish for ornamental and food in the Central American country of Belize, and to be exported to the United States which have a ready and growing market for ornamental fish .
             The Country.
             Belize ,is a vibrant and picturesque country with an area of 8,867 sq miles or 23,000 sq kilometers .An independent English speaking country in Central America,Belize is a Democratic country with a population of 216,000 located on the East Coast of Central America .It is a fasinating little English-speaking country on the Caribbean coast of Central America. Hundreds of travel-poster islands dot the turquoise sea along Belize 200-mile coast. Just offshore is the longest barrier reef in the Northern and Western hemispheres, with an undersea world of fantastic color and diversity. The capital city is Belmopan.With a literacy rate of 80%, the official language is English,however Spanish is widely spoken. Currency is the Belize dollar ( pegged to 2 Belize dollar = US 1 dollar).Major trading partners are The United States,United Kingdom and Canada.( See attachment for Belize map ).
             Government structure.
             While the Prime Minister and Cabinet make up the executive branch the 29 member elected House of Representatives and 8 member appointed Senate form a bicameral legislature.The Government of Belize is operated on the principles of parliamentary democracy ,based on the Westminster System.
             Introduction on Aquaculture.
             Aquaculture is one of the oldest types of agriculture defined as rearing of aquatic plants and animals in man made ponds or environment.This method of rearing is designed to control the biological cycle particular plant or animal,in order to maximize output in terms of volume and quality.
             Ancient inhabitants of areas near oceans or rivers and streams caught or trapped fish for food.

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