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Princess Diana

            Princes Diana was a devoted leader and a divine person. Diana Frances Spencer was born on July 1st, 1961. She was not born into royalty. She became a Lady, Lady Diana because her father became Earl Spencer. However, when she did eventually become a royal, she was different from the royals. She was kind, compassionate, and considerate. She could lower herself to any level of society. She married Prince Charles at 19 and became Princess Of Wales. She has two children, William Arthur Phillip Louis and Harry Charles Albert David. She was Princess for 17 years. During her reign she had accomplished so much. She managed over 100 charity funds, and was always helping others. Princess Diana's life that tragically ended one summer night, effected and entire country but what she left behind will be cherished in the hearts and minds of all who knew her.
             Diana had an unpleasant childhood. The Spencer family was not expecting a girl. They wanted a boy so badly. Diana thought she was born for no reason and that she was unwanted. Diana also thought that she was useless and they could not use her for anything because they needed a male heir. After Diana was born, the Spencer's had Charles, who was to become the male heir. Their mother soon walked out on them, when Diana was just six years old. Diana's two older sisters were already at boarding school, so nannies were sent to take care of Diana and Charles. The nannies were not kind to the little children. Sometimes they would beat them, hitting them over the head with wooden spoons or knock the two children"s heads together. The result of this abusive daycare made Diana very protective in the care of Charles. She acted like a little mother to him. .
             Diana had a difficult marriage with Prince Charles. At the age of 19 Diana married the Prince Charles, the heir of Wales at St. Paul"s Cathedral on July 29, 1981. Being a Princess is not all its "cracked" up to be.

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