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Gloria Steinem

            Gloria Steinem has the hearts of thousands of women. Through her years of outspoken writings and support, she has proclaimed the freedom of women. Steinem is best known for her efforts towards social integrity for women.
             Gloria Steinem was born in Toledo, Ohio on March 25, 1934. Growing up with her emotionally disturbed mother, she lived an irregular and unstructured life. Gloria manages to overcome her erratic life style and finish high school. Soon after, she enrolls in Smith College, were she begins writing her political articles. During college Gloria became engaged to her boyfriend, during this time she became pregnant. Faced with giving up her education and future career she decided to have an abortion. A process that opened up her mind and how woman are treated to an even broader scope. Gloria graduates college with a degree in government and magna cum luade in 1956. She then was offered a chance to study abroad; India was the destination for the next 2 years.
             Soon after her return, Gloria tells about her journey through India. In The Thousand Indias, a travel guide for the Indian government. .
             Gloria then moves to New York to pursue her journalism career. She writes her first major article called: "The Moral Disarmament of Betty Coed", soon after she co-founds New York magazine. A year later, she writes her first feminist article, "After Black Power, Woman's Liberation". Writing this powerful and compelling article, she begins her journey around the United States giving lectures on feminism. Shortly after she was presented the Penny-Missouri award for "After Black Power, Woman's liberation".
             As she thought her career was spiraling upwards, she only fell back down with disappointments of "real" and creditable work. She instead received assignments to go undercover as a Playboy Bunny to gain celebrity interviews. This only trampled her attempts to be taken as a serious writer. Steinem rapidly realized that women were perceived as a class rather than part of human race.

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