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Female Stereotypes

             Women across the country and around the world are being wrongfully brainwashed by feminine product marketers. The television commercials, and magazine ads, which are focused toward women, establish false and shallow impressions of how a woman should act and look like. As Gloria Steinem says in her essay, Sex, Lies, and Advertising, " it's the advertisers who are determining what the women are getting now." All of the giant feminine product companies such as Loreal, Maybelline, and Revlon try to set a standard of beauty in their ad campaigns. The advertisers for these companies attempt to inflict a misleading perspective on the viewpoints of women.
             Typical women magazines such as: GQ, Essence, and Lucky are full of pages advertising "women" products such as: hair-care supplements, makeup, clothing, and various other products by which women are stereotypically affiliated with. These ads are usually stereotypical, uninformative, and demeaning to women in general. The magazine editors automatically assume that women don't buy "people products", and all women are shallow, and that the models and actresses in their ads define them. After all, the only thing that women care about is their appearance. As Gloria Steinem states in her essay, Sex, Lies, and Advertising, "women's magazines are usually placed beyond the realm of serious consideration", and that typical women magazines are always "saccharine, smiley-faced and product-heavy, with even serious articles presented in a slick and sanitized way". The publishers of these typical women magazines, and the advertisers of products by which these magazines are plagued by don't think twice about what message they are conveying to their audience. .
             All of the content in feminine magazines are concealed in a form of advertising, and needs to be interpreted literally. As mentioned earlier women are not considered buyers of "people products" such as: electronics, and automobiles.

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