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            Society can be broken up into many different groups by gender, race, or even traits. The world is made up of males and females, whites and blacks, and liberals and conservatives, all with a particular way of life. Since these groups do exist, it is easy for people in this world to assume the members act in a uniform way with the same interests in mind. This trend in human thought is called stereotyping. A stereotype can be anything from women being considered better drivers or labeling French people as rude, but one thing that is in every stereotype is the designation of a group as a whole. The problem begins when these stereotypes affect the success and lifestyles of individuals in a negative way when these beliefs carry no merit. Gender and race have been categories used to stereotype a person in the past and whether they are negative or positive, they continually cause a split in communities.
             The rise in women's rights is increasing everyday. The gap of inequality among women and men is nearing non-existence as each day passes. Without deep-rooted stereotypes, the gap would have never existed. It all began in early civilizations where men went out to hunt and the women stayed with the children as homemaker. The women were seen as inferior to their male counterparts and became subservient in all aspects of life. This can still be seen today in a number of ways. For instance, look at a woman's role in entertainment. All major news anchors are males along with the majority of leading roles in films. Men's sports are given national TV coverage while female athletes are lucky to get a back page in the local newspaper. This obvious disparity is not caused by the lack of ability in one gender, but by the way the public perceives the gender. A woman's role in the workplace makes this point all the more evident. The wage gap says for every dollar men make, women only make 76 cents for doing the same service.

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