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             As a Jew, many people have many different misconceptions of me because they are ignorant to Jewish background. Throughout history Jews have been stereotyped countless times from the death of Jesus to president day relations. .
             There was this one time when me and a few of my classmates were sitting at the cafeteria and my classmates were asking me questions about my religion. I was shocked at the questions they were asking and how ridiculous they were. I was asked if kosher is when a rabbi blesses meat or a cow and if I was eating goat cheese in my baked ziti and why there is a specific kosher cafeteria. I was so surprised on how ignorant people can be. I was wondering if there next question would be "where are your horns?" or "do you use young Christian blood to make matzah?" thank G-d they didn't ask me that. I didn't take any of these questions personally because I knew they had no knowledge of Judaism so I answered them hoping that they would understand.
             In my life I have heard a lot of Jewish jokes like "why do Jews have noses? Because the air is free." People believe that all Jews are cheap which isn't true. Only some are cheap. In my old high school we all stereotyped each other. I went to a yeshiva where there were all different types of Jews but the majority was Bucharians. My principle would always crack jokes about the Bucharians because we never paid tuition and we always tried to scheme the school. Not all Bucharians are cheap it's just a misconception that arose because of a few rotten apples.
             Everyone stereotypes no matter who they are. It doesn't matter if you are doing it as a joke, out of false judgment, or just to be mean stereotyping is stereotyping. I learned to accept stereotyping and just play along with it as a joke because I stereotype to.
             I stereotype about being Jewish, being Bucharian, living in a Jewish community, having Bucharian friends.

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