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             Stereotypes eliminate the challenges of understanding people who are different from ourselves; they supposedly give us a general overview of whole groups of people so we know what to expect and how to act. Unfortunately, so many stereotypes are inaccurate and are used as a method of separate "their" behavior from "my" behavior. Remember, we don't always agree with, or like the way another cultures behave because it is different, and we therefore perceive it as wrong, and develop negative descriptions (stereotypes). When we have problems with someone of a different group, we tend to identify the problem as having to do with the group, rather than ourselves or the specific person. So stereotypes do get in the way of how we think and feel. It makes us very judgmental about others and unfortunately often erroneously so. .
             Racism is like a disease that has no cure. All ethnic groups have labels that have been placed on them by other groups. The white race's stereotype toward African Americans is that they should still be "picking cotton and hoeing corn" (Angelou 179). The white race believes that the black race will always be low-class citizens and should never be greater than they are. Our culture has grown and so has the way we identify the black race now. " It had nothing to do with academic potential. It had everything to do with athletic potential" (Bissinger 105). The black race was believed to be obtuse, and never would be able to be doctors or scientists. They were only viewed as being good at sports. They were made to believe that sports were the only way for them to succeed. " Today, instead of a cotton field, it's the sports arena" (109). The black race were used as a source of entertainment . Some of the black athletes never made it past college sports, others made it to the pros, while most where "spit" (109) out right after high school. The white race can not seem to look past the color difference.

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