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             People are stereotyping people all the time without even noticing it, because of race, creed, or colour. A stereotype is when people assume things about a certain races, cliques, hair colour, as well as many other things like the way people look and dress!When I say the word Indian what do you think? Most people think taxi driver. That is one example of how people stereotype race. If I was to say Popular most people would think pretty, preppy or stuck up girls who have it all, or if you saw someone with blonde hair you would automatically think they were stupid. These are very common stereotypes that we have all probably heard at least once.
             People stereotype other people by their race all the time. They can be good stereotypes or bad stereotypes. Like all Chinese people are great at math, or that all black guys that wear baggy clothes are drug dealers. These are ridiculous accusations to make about someone you probably haven't even talked to before! So instead you are afraid of a big black guy because he looks like he would probably jump someone. By doing this you could be missing out on having a great friendship with someone just like you because you were to scared to get to know them because of the way they have been stereotyped.
             People get stereotyped because of their clique at times as well. If you had a bunch of friends who thought they were better then everyone else, then people would automatically think you think your better then everyone else as well. You could have really low self-esteem but people would automatically assume you thought the world of yourself all because of your friends. If you choose to hang out with trashy people others will assume you are trashy as well. People don't take the time to realize that just because you hang out with certain people doesn't mean that you aren't unique and that you are just a sheep following the heard.
             People mainly get judged by their personal appearance.

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