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The Annoyance of Cell Phones

             How many times you have been in a movie theater, restaurant, or mall when a cell phone started ringing? Cell phones are a privilege that most of us find useful in our daily activities. We can reach business associates, clients, family, friends and most anyone, anytime, anyplace. Yet, as the number of cell phone customers in the U.S. continues to grow, so does the annoyance at people who use their cell phones inappropriately and unsafely.
             Who, in the year 2003 don't own a cell phone? Whether used for safety reasons or social purposes, it seems that I can go nowhere these days without being bothered by someone who just simply cannot wait until later to talk.
             There are places where it is inappropriate to use a cell phone: lectures, concerts, plays, movies, classrooms, church services, and funerals as well as many other events where placing or receiving a call or even having the phone turned on would be considered rude.
             I recently had a illness that I had to go to the emergency room, the doctor asked my family not to use their cell phones. It seems as though the phone can interfere with medical equipment. When an establishment asks that customers refrain from using a cell phone, respect the rules and do so. More and more, restaurants and other public facilities across the country are posting signs asking customers to refrain from using cell phones while dining. When you are in a classroom, especially where we are having military briefings, or other places where people are focused, it only polite to turn your cell phone off or onto the silent mode.
             If you must leave your phone on, keep it somewhere handy so you can answer it promptly. If you answer your phone, find a private area to have your conversation. Believe it or not, people around you do not want to hear you argue with you significant other, or listens to you confirm your plans for the weekend.
             While people chatting on cell phones in public areas may be annoying, talking on the device when behind the wheel can be dangerous, and even deadly.

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