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Poetry Comparison On My First Son-Unending Love

            The two poems being compared are both love poems.
             The next one, poem two, is called Unending Love by Rabindranath Tagore. Both.
             poems are well written love poems that have similar subjects (love) but differ dramatically because.
             of their structures, meaning, and literary devices.
             Poem one depicts the saddest part of love; the loss of love, whereas poem two depicts the.
             joy that can be found in love. On My First Son has twelve lines and is not divided into stanzaic.
             form. Unending Love, has fifteen lines and is divided into three stanzas, making it set in tercet.
             form. On My First Son is written in a closed format. The form of a poem which follows a set.
             pattern of rhyme scheme, stanza form and refrain is called a fixed form. Poem two contains all of.
             these elements which makes it a fixed form poem. Notice in the poem Unending Love the words.
             "forever" and "together" are blended into the stanzas providing an almost off-beat rhythm. The.
             refrain in Unending Love is noticed like in the poem "The Raven" by Edgar Alan Poe where the.
             word "nevermore" is used repetitively at the end of each stanza. In Unending love though, the.
             word "forever" is written at the end of each stanza. This provides emphasis on the word. On My.
             First Son has a very structural rhyme scheme. The rhyme scheme is used as follows:.
             AABBCCDDEEFF. The poem is set to rhyme line after line (examples being at the end of lines.
             one and two; 'joy' and 'boy'). The rhyme scheme in Unending love is different because the words.
             do not rhyme at the end of every line. It is set in the rhyme scheme as demonstrated: ABCBD.
             Only one set of words are rhymed at the end of each line per stanza (examples being "together".
             and "forever" in lines 7 and 10).
             Another literary device in On My First Son is words. The powerful words in this poem.
             almost bring tears to the readers eyes. Ben Jonson uses such compelling adjectives to describe.
             each subject. If he would not have used them as he did, the poem would not have as strong of an.

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