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             Some poems may be based on either an intense emotion or a forceful idea. Choose one such poem and, by close study of the poetic techniques used, show how effectively the poet has conveyed the idea or emotion.
             "Slough," written by John Betjeman, is a comic poem talking about a serious subject. John Betjeman conveys very strongly his opinions and feelings of the erosion of the green belt and the issue of over development. Other issues are subtly added in, such as the problem of harassment in the work place. The strong emotions and feelings, mixed with his humour, word choice and literary techniques are effective in many ways.
             A great deal of emotion is conveyed through Betjeman's word choice, however subtle the words are. In stanza two the words "blow to smithereens" reflect the feelings he has towards the town. "Blow" suggests something light and unwanted such as litter or perhaps it is when the leaves die and fall of the trees and blow away, leaves fall off in the autumn, and it suggests the town is out of its season. This all suggesting the town is dead. It shows little care or respect and gives an empty or light impression of the town. This is very effective in conveying the artificiality of the town and Betjeman disgust. The feeling of disgust is reinforced by the word "smithereens" as it is very brutal and violent; there would be no trace left and it would be literally gone. It also gives the sense that as the debris would be small and scattered this symbolises the small minded people being gone so there would be therefore be no problem.
             The contrast in the words "friendly bombs" is very effective to the idea of the contempt Betjeman feels. Bombs are dark, dangerous and destructive; they are mainly known to cause pain and misery. One bomb can do a great deal of damage so the emphasis is drawn to the plural and makes you consider the amount of damage many bombs could do. The hate is well conveyed in this very severe word and is very effective as it lets one understand that there is nothing to like in Slough and that it is good for it to be destroyed.

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