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Y Tu Mamá También

            Charolastras: "Y Tu Mamá También-.
             The movie "Y Tu Mamá También- is primarily about the journey of two confused youths (and a middle aged woman running away from her cheating husband), who, like many youths today, want to escape their parents, drink a lot of beer and smoke a lot of reefer. Abandoned by their girlfriends who had left for Europe, Julio and Tenoch, two inseparable childhood friends, meet a beautiful older woman named Luisa at a wedding. At first not expecting her to come and at the same time trying to be impressive, Julio and Tenoch inform Luisa that they are about to embark on a road trip to a wonderful and beautiful secret beach. Luisa, who is desperate to escape her present situation, hastily asks if she can come with them. Eventually, the two friends and Luisa are heading away from Mexico City. The remainder of their trip contains a variety of humorous and open sexual discussions, seduction, and a strange love triangle.
             The friendship of Juilo and Tenoch is a very interesting one. Even though Juilo is from the working class while Tenoch is from the upper class, they are able to form a solid bond of friendship. For this reason, they call themselves "Charolastras- (or astral cowboys). It is in this mindset of thinking, that a main principle is set: truth is out there, but hard to find. The overall message of the movie seems to be to live life to the fullest because it is short and you don't know when it will end-. Through it's humor and sexual innuendo, this movie reminded me very much of the American movie "Road Trip-. .

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