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             In The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne gives Hester Prynne the challenge of living in a community where everyone shuns on her the committing adultery. In addition to this, Hester has another challenge of providing for herself and her child Pearl as a single parent. Throughout the novel one may obtain confused thought as to how Hester feels about Pearl. Does Hester look at Pearl as being a curse, or a blessing? This question could cause a difference of opinions due to different point of views of different incidents. However, throughout the novel, one can really see that Hester looks at Pearl as a true blessing; since at two different occasions such as when Hester refers to Pearl as her happiness, her pearl, and also the meaning behind the naming of Pearl, one can see her love for her.
             Throughout the novel at different times Hester expresses feelings about Pearl from different aspects of her behavior which all build up to display her love for Pearl. One reads, "She is my happiness! Pearl keeps me here in life" (103-104). Hester says this quote when the governor tells her that he thinks it is better off for Pearl to be removed from Hester's care. Hester's response to the governor obviously shows that Pearl means everything to her and they cannot take Pearl away from her. This quote proves that Pearl is so special to Hester and is the reason she lives; without Pearl; she would not be who she is at this point in her life.
             Another incident that shows how Hester appreciates Pearl so much and believes she is special, is simply the naming of Pearl. One quote reads, "Her Pearl! - For so had Hester called her. She named the infant "Pearl" as being of great price, purchased with all she had, - her mother's only treasure" (82). This quote explains Hester's reasoning for naming Pearl, Pearl. A pearl is valuable and Hester names Pearl this because she believes Pearl is a treasure, something to be proud of; her treasure.

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