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Is Sir Thomas More a true spiritual martyr?

            Is Sir Thomas More a true spiritual martyr, or is he just a clever political manipulator .
             serving his own ends? In my thesis I will try to prove that More wasn't just a man of .
             God who was caught up in some unfortunate circumstances. I believe that he had more .
             sinister motives in the back of his mind as he was standing up for what he believed. There .
             was nothing that could change what he believed in. It even stated in the preface that .
             More was "a man with an adamantine sense of his own self" (p. xii), insinuating that he .
             knew exactly what he was doing throughout the entire play. Hopefully, with closer .
             examination of the play "A Man For All Seasons" we"ll be able to determine what .
             More's true motives were.
             At the very beginning of the play you can observe some very peculiar actions taken by .
             Thomas More. For someone who is considered to be "a clever man and a great lawyer" .
             (p. xii), he made a very odd move in giving the silver cup, which was supposed to be a .
             bribe towards him, to Rich. I believe that More knew exactly what he was doing when he .
             offered Rich the silver cup. He was setting in motion the chain of events that would .
             eventually lead to his downfall. When we"re first introduced to the character of Richard .
             Rich, the first words out of his mouth are "but every man has his price" (p. 2). This .
             statement implies that he believed that everyone has a price, given the right .
             circumstances. Another example of Rich's character was evident after his discussion .
             with Cromwell where he had agreed to perjure himself in court. Cromwell argues that:.
             You lost [your innocence] some time ago. If you've only just noticed, it can't .
             have been very important to you. (p. 44).
             Rich (much struck) answers:.
             That's true! Why that's true, it can't! (p. 44).
             More must have known that Rich was corruptible, so why did he give him the silver cup? .
             He knew that this action would have severe consequences and the results would serve his .

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