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            "In 1975 the Vietnamese people gained an excellent victory for themselves by driving out the U. armed forces and reclaiming South Vietnam. With over 20 years of war and the loss of about 2 million lives the Vietnamese were reunited as one. The peasants and townsfolk of Vietnam were the ones who suffered the most after the reincarnation of Vietnam because they were the ones who revolted in the first place so they were severely punished for there actions.
             In the 19th century Vietnam was under French rule and exploited for its cheap labor and rich lands. While about landlords and colonialists owned vast amounts of the best land, half the peasant majority had none, and the rest owned a small amount. Companies like Michelin ran huge rubber factories and the people became known as "fertilizers for the rubber trees" because if u died on the job u were buried in the plantation.
             Despite all of this hardship the peasants and other workers began to struggle and revolt about all of the harsh and painful conditions they had to work with, also they fought about national liberation. It was from this rebellion that the Indochinese Communist Party was created in 1930 under the head of Ho Chi Minh. This party was very influenced by the on goings in the Soviet Union because a lot of its leaders were trained there; also they got a lot of support from them too. The CP belonged to the Communist International, which also helped with the struggle of the working people.
             In 1920 the CI was taken over by a Russian government group and turned into an anti-revolutionary group that fought against the workers and democracy. Both of these two parties fought back and forth until the outbreak of WWII when they both began to collaborate and instead of supporting the Japanese workers they began supporting the allied army.
             On September 14 the Vietminh police chief and Communist Party stalwart Duong Bach Mai sent and armed regime and took over where the peoples committee were meeting but then only 4 days later the British took it back over and ended the 4-day independence of Vietnam.

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