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The Future of Newspapers

             We are pushing technology to its limits in all aspects of life. In such a world, trends come and go with the tides. Likewise, our mindsets are also changing. No longer do we believe everything we see and hear. We have learnt to voice our opinions, to think and to judge. Newspapers have helped us to do this. They are no longer the sole source of information in society, and must compete with other forms of media. Like many things in the world, they are also changing.
             In the past, newspapers have been written with more opinion, with strongly emotive editorials and news articles have been written partly (or wholly) from someone's point of view. Some may even say newspapers were a form of propaganda. People saw things with a more black and white perspective, and generally believed what they were told. But that is no longer the case. Today, news articles are written to inform, and we are encouraged, based on the facts, to make up our own minds about issues. Newspapers reflect today's society in that they tackle issues that are relevant today, but not only do newspapers simply report on what has been happening on an international, national and local level, they now stimulate their readers with commentaries and editorials which encourage us to think for ourselves. .
             But this society is a fast-paced one. People don't have the time to sit down and have a meal with their families, let alone read a full newspaper. And newspapers recognise this. Summaries of articles have been introduced, more visuals are included daily and more colour incorporated. People just don't demand the news anymore, they want flavour and punch. They also want entertainment. Newspapers of today cater for a wide variety of people, from children to the elderly, to secondary school students and teachers, foodies, Hollywood gossip wannabes, motorists, techno-buffs, travelers, gardeners and the fashion-obsessed. It's not about delivering the news anymore.

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