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Newspapers and the advantages of reading them

             It is universal truth that newspapers have become part and parcel of modern life. Many a man find it impossible to get along without reading the day's newspapers. Some even find it difficult or simply cannot have their breakfast without perusing the morning's newspaper. The world move so fast, events happen so quickly in every sphere of life that man should keep himself in touch with the latest developments.
             The function of a newspaper is to provide news, views and advertisements. News from the four corners of the world is supplied to the newspapers by news-agencies such as Reuter, U.P.I., the Tass and several others, besides these, new bulletins which are supplied by the various new agencies. Papers also get local news from local reporters. Newspapers also employ correspondents and representative in the major cities of the world. These correspondents regularly supply their respective newspapers with important news items on various past, present or future developments. A good newspaper will have all these features in it.
             The important part of a newspaper is the views of the editor called "The Editorial". Many of the leading newspaper are just "The Official Organs" of governments and througj the medium of their editorials the newspapers inform the public, views on latest developments.
             Newspapers also are sold as little as fifty cents because the advertisers bear the greater part of the production costs.
             An up-to-date newspaper disseminates news without bias or prejudice. In many countries the newspapers are controlled by governments and the news is censored before publication. Malaysia being a democratic country, the newspaper here enjoy full freedom to express their views.
             Some newspapers abuse this freedom and as a result they create chaos and disunity in countries.
             Britain and America are reputed to have the greater number of newspapers considering their population.

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