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compar and contrast

            News is part of our daily life, we encouter news either by tuning into television, or driving over to work when the radio is on or simiply by picking up a newspaper along with some sort of snack at the store around the corner. We engage in some sort of news could be local, national or international whichever one interest us. Even if we dont pay much attention to news the news itself gets around because of the public. However, who helps the audience with the knowlegde of news and who keeps them updated with current news. Those would be journalists, reporters and news ancors. All of them are given information to educate us about the news, some may such as the journalist or the reporters have the resposibility to get their own story while the news ancors are told to present a news with given information. However the news is presented to us it varys according to the coverage offered by each medium. Each medium has their own way to offer the information and tell the story. The two types of medium discussed will be newspaper and television news. Newspaper such as ' The record' and television news show such as 'CKCO-TV's' present news in different techniques. .
             As I picked a copy of The Record on my way back to school from a store just around the coner, bored out of my mind in the bus I decided to read some of the news that were presented in the newspaper. Once I got home I found myself talking to my parents about the issues going around in our neighbourhood and in other countries of our interest. I had gained so my knowlegde simply by reading some news briefly. As my dad thought one of his daughter can finally sit with me and watch some news at 6 and so on I was the daughter he was thinking of. So there I was watching news on television as surprising as that may seem it was very interesting. After the news was over there I was with enough information now in my head. However thats when I realized if I had watched the news on CKCO before a glance at The Record I wouldnt understand it fully then I do now.

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