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Oil Energy

            How long will it last at a current projected rate of use.
             From now till 2020, world oil consumption will rise by about 60% in total, The fastest growing section in oil consuming transportation. By 2025, the number of motor-vehicles will rise from approximately 700million today to way over 1.25 billion. Global consumption of gas could possibly double. The two countries with the overall highest rate of growing oil consumption are China and India. Combined population are equal to a third of all humanity. Through the next two years India's oil growth is expected to rise at a rate of 5.5% per year but China's is even higher. 7.5% per year. That's a lot compared to a 1% growth for industrialized countries. These countries will have to do this to secure their access to oil.
             How is it obtained? (I.e. what process and technologies are used?).
             How to find it?.
             Compressed-Air gun shoots high pulses of air into the water. (Exploration of water.).
             Thumper truck-Slams extremely heavy plates into the ground. (Exploration of land.).
             Explosives-Drilled into the ground (Exploration of land) or thrown overboard (Exploration of water), and detonated.
             :- The mechanisms shock waves travel beneath the surface of the earth and are reflected back by the various rock layers. After the wave reflects off the rock it will return to the surface at different speeds depending on the type or density of the rock which they must pass. The reflections are detected by extremely sensitive microphones or vibration detectors-Hydrophones over water, seismometers over land. The readings are interpreted by seismologists for signs of oil and gas traps. .
             Preparing to drill?.
             Once legal issues have been settled, the crew goes about preparing the land:.
             The land is flattened, levelled and access roads may be built.
             There must be a water source nearby for drilling. If no natural water a water well will be made.
             A reserve pit will be dug to depose of rock off cuts and mud drillings during the process, they line it with plastic to protect the environment.

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