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Political correctness

             In the past, there were lots of words and actions that offended some particular groups of people, so now we have changed the words and actions to make them be more polite and correct, and this is political correctness. We make sure they do not reflect biased or discriminatory attitudes to anyone. After the changes, if people think it changes too much or it is unequal, they will want to change it back or push it back. This is the backlash to political correctness. In Canada, because there are lots of people from different countries who have different cultures, there are lots of politically correct words and actions, and consequently there are some backlashes. .
             Most of political correctness in Canada is about gender and race. First, in the past, men had more power than women. They had better jobs and were better educated, so we had lots of words that were offensive to women, for example, chairman, fireman, and mailman, etc. These words now have changed to chairperson, fire worker, and post deliverer. Another example is that if women had a job in the past, they would earn less money than men even if it was the same job, but now it is equal. Also, a long time ago, women could not vote for their leaders because they thought women did not have enough knowledge, but now there are no differences between women and men in elections. Second, because there are a lot of races in Canada, there are a lot of words that offend some races, for example, Negro, Indians, frogs, etc. These words now have changed to African American, First Nations, and French Canadians. A long time ago in Canada, white people thought that other races of people were dangerous and stupid, so they refused to rent a house to them or they did not let them get a job, but now every race of people in Canada is equal, and the law protects them, and different races of people can get married now, but they could not before.

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