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Susan B. Anthony

             I was named after my father's sister Susan Brownell Anthony. Daniel Anthony is my father and he is a Quaker. My first 6 years I lived in a house my father built in Hoose River Valley. We were not allowed to have any games, toys, or games because my father was a Quaker. .
             Also during childhood my family went bankrupt and lost all there stuff. My mother's brother bought some of their stuff in an auction and gave it back to us. He told us to pay him back whenever we could. I also learned that women didn't have many rights compared to men. Like when you marry a man all your money you make and property are controlled by him.
             When I was 17 years old I worked as a teacher. I only got half the salary as men did and I was not happy about it at all. Women were expected to work for much less then men even if they were doing the same work at the same job. Even if they working just the same at men or better we still got paid less. Another situation that made me angry was at a teachers' conference I attended where only the male teachers were allowed to vote on important issues. I knew these things were unfair, and I spent my entire adult life working to build a better society.

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