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Women Suffrage Leader

             Courage is having the will to do what you feel is right even if it becomes dangerous or .
             You have to be brave to do something courageous. You .
             have to put aside your fears and do something to try and make a difference.
             There are a lot of courageous women throughout history. Many of them have not .
             received the recognition that they deserve. One of the many courageous women is Rosa .
             Parks. She stood up for her rights when she refused to give up her seat at the end of a .
             tiring day for a white man. Another example would be Mother Teresa. She dedicated her .
             life to helping others around the world, especially the poor and sick. The courageous .
             woman I chose to write about is Susan B. Anthony.
             Susan B. Anthony was born on February 15, 1820. She was born in Adams, .
             Massachusetts. Her family were Quakers who believed that men and women were equal .
             in status and should receive equal rights in society. Her family supported many important .
             reform movements, including anti-slavery and the temperance campaigns.
             When Susan was fifteen years old she became a schoolteacher and she taught until she .
             was 30 years old. She earned two dollars and fifty cents a week for teaching while her .
             male counterparts earned ten dollars a week for the same work. Susan felt that equal pay .
             should be offered for equal work. Through her work as a schoolteacher, Susan became .
             aware that in society at-large woman did not have the same rights as the men had.
             In May 1951, Susan went to an anti-slavery meeting in Senaca Falls near Rochester . .
             One day as she and Lucretia Mott walked along a street: they meet Elizabeth Cady .
             Stanton who they longed wanted to meet. Stanton was a leader in the women's rights .
             movement and they became close friends and allies. Susan became completely loyal to .
             the cause of women's rights and became an important leader of the movement. She also .
             supported equal education opportunities and property right for women.

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