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Romeo and juliet

            Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet describes the story of two "star-crossed lovers" .
             The prince states that some should be punished for their deaths.
             The three characters most responsible for their demise are Friar Laurence, Lord Capulet,.
             and Romeo.
             To begin with, Friar Laurence played a major role in the tragedy. Friar Laurence .
             made a big mistake by keeping the marriage secret and letting no one in on it. He lied to .
             her parents by saying that she was dead which was wrong for a priest to do because they .
             are not allowed to lie. When Friar Laurence contributed to Juliet dilemma, he offered no .
             suggestions to help her out. From the start, the Friar should have not married them .
             without talking to their families and getting their permission. Finally he was a big .
             coward when events went wrong. When he and Juliet were in the tomb and the .
             Friar hears some one coming and says "Stay, then. I"ll go with out you." {act 5 sc. 3.
             pg 80} This shows Friar Laurence was a coward and unwilling to accept responsibility .
             for his actions. .
             In addition to Friar Laurence , Lord Capulet also is responsible for the sad.
             ending. Lord Capulet has a very short temper which makes him turn angry very easily. .
             He always threatens Juliet by saying "If you will not marry Paris, you will no longer live .
             in my house." {act 3 sc. 5 pg 58} Lord Capulet only cares about the riches that he will get .
             if they marry, not about if they really love each other. He gives Juliet no and is .
             not flexible about changing his mind. Lord Capulet is rushing Juliet into the .
             marriage way too fast considering her cousin just died. .
             Besides Lord Capulet, Friar Laurence and Romeo too hurt the young couple's.
             chances for happiness. To start off, Rome has impulsive and wild mood swings which .
             does not help the situation. Romeo at times can become very violent and he only cares .
             about how others see him. From the start, Romeo should have talked this whole thing .
             over with the Friar or the Prince.

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