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Othello Downfalls

            In the play Othello by William Shakespeare the character of Othello transforms during the course of the play from a respected and honored General to a fallen man, due to the unfortunate sequence of events that transpire through both coincidence and Iago's evil designs. Othello's inability to judge other character causes Othello to downfall and to go down in every thing in his life that he has worked hard for to earn it.
             Othello's jealousy and misjudgments breaks Othello and Desdemona's marriage apart, which ruins an otherwise perfect love affair with Desdemona, is caused by Iago's evil design but however in the beginning of the play we do see a deep love connection between Othello and Desdemona quote (" Othello: But that I love the gentle Desdemona-). This quote shows how Othello was beginning of the play and what he turns out to be after. The seed of jealousy planted by Iago Othello's head makes his decision to kill Desdemona, partially motivated by revenge. He believes himself to be cuckolded by Desdemona and must defend his honor. At the same time, he feels that he must defend mankind and all other men from a woman who would betray her husband so. He ultimately decides that he must end her life. Othello Judgment was easily manipulated by the talks of Iago is seen in this line (Othello: "DEVIL- (STRIKES HER) When Othello strikes Desdemona; he shows the cruelty of his change and show's Othello's downfall. Just her mention of Cassio sends him into an unreasonable rage; every little thing he regards with suspicion, even if he has no cause. Irony is that Othello is doing that himself; in striking Othello fears that this would bring his reputation down and being unreasonably cruel, he besmirches his own good name.

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