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Romantic Composer Chopin and Brahms

             Fryderyk Franciszek -Frédéric- Chopin and Johannes Brahms.
             Fryderyk Franciszek -Frédéric- Chopin.
             Born: March 1, 1810 in Zelazowa Wola near Warsaw.
             Died: October 17, 1849 in Paris.
             March 1, 1810: Chopin was born as a son of a French imigrant (so Chopin was a citizen of Poland and Franc because of the "code civil") and cultured Polish mother.
             Chopin had two sisters.
             1816: Frédéric Chopin take with six years piano lessons from Adalbert Zywny. Adalbert Zywny wrote down the first composition though by Chopin.
             Chopin often played for four hands with his sister Ludwika.
             November 1817: Chopin published his first painted composition "Polonaise in g-minor".
             1818: In an age of 8 years Chopin had his first big entrance in the society as solo-pianist. In the end of the year Chopin wrote his first Polish dances. .
             Soon Chopin was celebrated as a child prodigy.
             November 1819: Chopin visited a concert of the singer Angelica Catalni in Warsaw. Chopin had played for her and Catalin gave him a golden watch. .
             Chopin was often during the summer breake, in cause of his health, in the countryside at a farmer town called Szafarina, where Chopin got used to the Polish folklore.
             1820: Chopin completed the piano lessons with Zywny and Chopin continue hisselves education.
             1823: Chopin went with 13 years in the fourth grade of the Warsaw Lyseum. Chopin was teached in playing the piano as well as in singing and drawing. Chopin also was teached in composing by Joseph Xaver Elsner, the head of the conservatory.
             1825: Chopin finally became an organist of the Lyzeum and Chopin had to play every sunday.
             September 1826: Chopin begun to study on the Warsaw conservatory.
             April 10, 1827: His 15 years old sister died because of lungtubercolosis. For this reason Chopin composed his very famous and commen played on burials "funeral march" in c-minor.
             1828: Chopin made a short visit to Berlin.
             July 20, 1829: Chopin finished the conservatory.

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