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Coca cola

             The market presented a lot of opportunities during PepsiCo "change of structure" and the company did capitalize on more of them.
             First is PepsiCo's ability to continue expanding internationally with PepsiCo Beverages International, with the saturation of their "classical" home market. The Latin Market is continuing to grow both nationally and internationally, and PepsiCo is taking advantage of this huge market by promoting such products as Gatorade Xtremo, and having superstar representing this population promote their brand.
             Second, PepsiCo has made strategic alliances with the NBA, NFL, and fast-food franchises to help with their national and global growth. Another opportunity that PepsiCo is pursuing is to enter the growing Healthy Snack/Beverage Industry. With their alliances and acquisitions, PepsiCo has been able to promote healthy products like Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice, Aquafina, SoBe, Quaker Oatmeal, and their latest launch of broccoli chips.
             Finally, as seen with Pepsi's latest marketing campaigns, PepsiCo is trying to capture the young "new generation" market with spokeswomen like Britney Spears and Shakira. They believe that if they get their customers while they are young, they will have them for life.
             However; like any company, especially an international one, PepsiCo faces the threats of competitors and economic uncertainty. Coca-Cola Company is PepsiCo's number one competitor and is currently number one in the industry. PepsiCo has to stay on top of market trends and try to make the first move when it comes to product innovation, mergers & acquisitions, as well as price setting in order to compete with Coke.

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