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Development Of Afrikaans fro Pidgin To Language

            In broad terms there are two big movements in the development of this language. The history of southern Africa can also be seen as the history of Afrikaans. In many situations it's the just the opposite. The history of Afrikaans becomes the history of Southern Africa.
             The Development of Afrikaans can be divided into two parts, these are called the first and second language development era's.
             The first would be all the post war influences. The second movement are all the events after the first civil war. I want to, for the sake of reference, call the first period, the "first movement", and the second I will call the "second movement".
             So how did this language arise?.
             The first movement began as soon as van Riebeeck and his wife set foot to the African continent. .
             In 1652 a Sailor by the name of Jan van Riebeeck came to the southern point of the African continent. His sole purpose of this visit was establishing a sailor's service point, for the sailors who pass this point of the world to go to India. Their visits to India were made solely to trade. .
             The trade route however was a long journey, and many sailors often made the mistake of not taking enough supplies onboard the ship to last the whole trip. Some of these ships just didn't have enough space on them to carry that many supplies. Van Riebeeck made a halfway stop for these ships at South Africa. .
             Because of the natural harbour that the peninsula had to offer this region was named "Kaap De Goede Hoop". Ledged also has it that van Riebeeck's wife looked at the mountain and exclaimed that it was like the table they had in Holland. This gave the mountain range the name Table Mountain.
             They erected buildings and made the harbour alive. This was the beginning of the influence that became one of the birth points in the Afrikaans language.
             With the replenishing centre he established came job opportunities for middle class Europeans. From all over Europe people came to settle in the Cape.

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