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Sweatshops Not Necessarily Evil

            I believe that sweatshops are not necessarily evil. This may be a hard concept to conceive at first thought but I ask you to engage in indifference for what I am about to say might sway your thoughts. Most people in the United States today hold onto the notion that sweatshops are evil for the belief is held on by the idea that slave labor, women, and even children are put to work for nickels and dimes in conditions that prove to be appalling. However, sweatshops that are located within third-world countries are looked upon as being good for the people that live there. .
             Underdeveloped countries actually benefit from the number of sweatshops for they open the country up to more job opportunities for the poor that don't have anything else to live on by. These jobs are sometimes the best options for people living in places like Honduras or Malawi, Africa. The workers choose to work in this type of atmosphere and are quite pleased by their situation as compared to others. Some have even changed jobs to work in these factory sweatshops from other types of labor such as agriculture that involves harder work at an even lower wage surprisingly. Workers in third-world countries do not by any means have many opportunities so they are happy to take what they can get.
             Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan, known as the, "Four Tigers", are a perfect example of how sweatshops form the backbone to economic development which is part of a perfectly normal step in the process. Sweatshops help to get countries of this nature out of poverty. The national incomes of these "Four Tigers", rose from approximations of 10 to 40 percent of American incomes after they started to produce items for export such as shoes, wigs, and apparel. Today these countries don't require sweatshops, for the workers have become skilled and capital has been raised. Now we find the same countries to be exporting larger and more expensive items such as electronics and automobiles.

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