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Sweat Shops

             Since the employer's main objective is to sell as much of the product as they can, the factories hire many people to get more of their product produced. The more workers they hire, the less the money they are willing to give their workers. Many workers work at the factory for money that does not even pay for daily living expenses. Even if the worker works over time, he or she probably will not get any extra money. These workers are in small cramped rooms to make whatever product is necessary at that moment. The employers do not care if an employee is sick. The worker must work no matter what the circumstances is. The employer is only concerned with how much money he can make by how much product he can produce. .
             Children are supposed to be getting an education. By working in these factories, many children do not get the chance to get one. School should be the number one priority in the children's life. Education helps the children get a better life when they grow up, but by working in factories, they cannot have that kind of life. Working in these factories prevents children from getting a fair chance in life. Going to school helps children get into college and get a good job. .
             The conditions of these factories are not safe for anyone to work in. The factories are not kept clean, so many workers contract diseases making it easier for anyone to become ill. The chemicals used in the factory gives off many fumes, which make people sick. Many workers become ill and are not able to go home. There are not very many windows in the factory for the fumes to escape. Workers contract respiratory diseases, like asthma, or even death, making it difficult for them to work. These unsanitary conditions are horrible for anyone to work in. Most factories only allow one bathroom break per day. The lighting in these factories is not very good. Poor lighting cause eyestrain and eye injuries. The factories should make sure that their workplaces are clean and that their workers cannot inhale the fumes before hiring any workers.

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