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             A life-altering experience I was exposed to over this past summer is working long days in an effort to assist my family financially. Working two jobs, with 11 hour days beginning at 6am does much to changes one's outlook on life. The primary life skill that I developed was fiscal responsibility. Along with self discipline, and time management, this summer was the beginning of a new chapter in my young, blossoming adulthood. .
             Receiving weekly payroll checks in excess of my former monthly salary was a self-encouraging feeling. A teenager's first instinct is to race through a shopping center on a self indulging shopping binge, but with the financial assistance I had promised my family, I was unable to do so. Unwillingly, a generous portion of my money was donated to the payment of household utilities. Expecting to lose such a significant portion of your money that was earned with your sweat teaches the first like skill thrust upon me: fiscal maturity.
             Paychecks do not come without habitual sacrifice, however. Early morning shifts required earlier bedtimes, which completely revolutionized my relaxed resting schedule. This forced change taught me that in life, unwanted changes need to occur in order to reach a higher level of success. This revolution gave me much needed disciple, which improved my self-discipline and loyalty exponentially. .
             Besides devotion, early morning hours introduced me to the finer aspects of time management. Balancing 11 hour days with a social and family life was uncharted territory for me. The adjustment was not easy, and required a trial-and-error perfection algorithm. Different bedtimes were experimented with, as well as planned break, and resting periods.
             Overall, I came out of this summer with a higher level of maturity, and two steps closer to adulthood. Seeing life skills in application is the most relevant and efficient way of being introduced to them.

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