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The wage gap

             A case study in Brooklyn at the YMCA found a single mother who has rally worked her way up in the corporation where she is employed. She now makes $30,000 a year, she gets no child support from the father of her child, so that is the income that she is using to raise her child and support herself. After taxes, rent payment, utilities, food and so on is paid for she has no money left to afford child care because she makes to much money to qualify for government aide. Of course her situation has her stressed while she tries to find somewhere to keep her child and making sure that the child care arrangements don't fall apart because she cannot afford to lose this job that she has worked so hard at to get. Women hold nearly half the executive and management jobs in the United States to date yet the pay gap between men and women is continuously increasing as the years increase. In many of the industries today men are still being paid more than women for doing the same job therefore is the Equal Pay Act of 1984 really being taken into affect? The Equal Pay Act of 1984 says that women must be paid the same as men when they are ding the same job or work which has been rated as equivalent or of equal value (Fawcett Society). Therefore with this act being put into affect there should be no reason for different pay rates for men and women that are doing the same job. Through enormous research done everyday researches have found that there is still a big gap between men and women wages, they've also found that these pay gaps are affecting specific jobs and in general the result of the pay gap is affecting some of the aspects in women's rights.
             II. 1st minor idea.
             A. Why such a gap between women's and men's salaries.
             1. Up until 1965 the minimum wage for women had always been lower than that of men (The Pay Gap) because many of the women who working then got jobs just to be out of the house and to be of some help, also women's education level then wasn't equivalent to men's.

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