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             From the time we are taught to write, read, or speak a certain language, we learn certain words that have multiple meanings. For some words, sometimes we even create our own meanings for them based on our personalities or what we observe from others. The word "alien" for example, has acquired many different meanings. The one meaning that many of us are familiar with is that an alien is an extraterrestrial, someone from "outer-space". Another definition we are familiar with is a sub-meaning of the word, which is someone that has come to the United States illegally. For this, we use the term illegal alien. The true meaning of alien, however, is quite similar, but to find this true meaning, one must look below the surface of the word extraterrestrial. One must not take the words alien and extraterrestrial for their face value and search for the deeper meanings, meanings that can only be found by experiencing it firsthand. But no matter what the true definition of the word is, it ends up being directly related to being alone and separated from the others. The meaning of alien, no matter how many actual definitions there are for the word, they are all depressing and the word alien itself, cannot be taken in any other way than a bad way.
             One of the deeper meanings of the word alien is someone from a different family, race, or nation. Why must people attach such a harsh word to a person from another race as if he did something wrong? The word alien is a harsh word to explain someone that comes from another race or nation. As I was growing up, I had the pleasure of being raised in an environment of two cultures. I grew up in Southern California, but at home, I was learning the traditions and culture of my Armenian ethnicity. When I began to go to school, I started to notice that the life that I had been living was not the same as all of the other children's. I went to school in an area that did not have much cultural and racial diversity.

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