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Causes and Effects of the Vietnam War

             Why was there a Vietnam War?? This question has been asked a lot of times since the war. Basically, to put a long story short it's because the United States couldn't keep their noses in their own business. Since this is a report I"ll tell the story.
             The United States war in Vietnam had no beginning and it was a series of steps between 1950-1965 "in May 1950, President Harry S. Truman authorized a modest program of economic and military aid to the French, who were fighting to retain control of their Indochina, colony, including Laos and Cambodia as well as the Vietnam." French forces at Dienbienphu in 1954 after Vietnam army defeated them; French were compelled to accede to the creation of a communist north and left a non-communist entity South of that line. .
             The United States refused to accept the arrangements. The administrations of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, instead of building a nation from Political entity that was South Vietnam by making a government, taking control of the French, dispatching military advisers to train a South Vietnamese army, and releasing the central intelligence Agency (CIA) to make a psychological warfare against the north.
             In 1961, President John F. Kennedy made another obstacle, when secretly he sent about 400 special operations forces trained (Green Beret) Soldiers to teach the South Vietnamese w to defend themselves called the "Counterinsurgency" war against the communist guerillas in South Vietnam. There were more than 16,000 U.S. military advisers in South Vietnam, and more than 100 or more Americans had been killed by the John F. Kennedy was killed in 1961. Lyndon B. Johnson (Kennedy's successor), committed the United States most fully to the war.
             "2 In 1964, he secured from congress a functional (not actual) declaration of war: the Gulf Resolution. Johnson authorized the sustained bombing, by United States aircraft, of targets in north of the 17th Parallel in March 1965".

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