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             The narrator of the story is a kind lawyer of the Square Class. He is married and has four pentagonal sons and two hexagonal grandsons. He was chosen by a sphere from Spaceland to help explain the wonders of the three dimensional world to the people of Flatland. He is a square living in a two-dimensional land and discovers that there are worlds other then his own like a third dimension. Not only does he go on to tell us in great detail the rules and responsibility's of each geometric shaped world, but also goes on to tell in even more detail the class distinctions of geometrical Flatland. While there is the Rule of Law made by the high council of Flatland. Life moves based on the Laws of Nature were the weak are abandoned and any irregularity such as an angle off by more then a degree must be killed or sentenced to a life of dull work and no liberty to do what they want.
             The Narrator, while at first skeptical of the teachings of the Sphere, there after becomes fully empowered by the discovery of a third dimension. He himself begins to question to the Sphere why stop at three; there are limitless possibilities of how many dimensions there can be, even four or five. .
             The inner conflict he encounters is on how to illuminate the people of Flatland with his newfound knowledge of dimensionality greater than two. He knows that publicly professing his new found knowledge would cause him imprisonment and even death. At first he tries to accomplish this conservatively by trying to teach is grandson. But the grandson is very smart and realizes the penalty of having such knowledge and is not interested. He tries to lead by example, but is not successful. He therefore forges ahead publicly to announce the wonderful world of the 3rd dimension. Of course he gets caught and is put to prison. He is imprisoned and has to confront the fact that he is powerless, that his 3rd dimension knowledge is fruitless without the ability to teach others.

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