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Does God exist?

             This paper addresses some issues on whether God exists. Science, the experimental observation and theoretical explanation of phenomena, are often skeptical about views on religion. However, humans can only comprehend what they can perceive, and so are experimental evidence and the scientific theories derived. The paper first explores the problem of human perception and then relates it back to the ultimate objective: the different issues concerning the existence of God.
             How did the world come into existence? Are we here for a purpose? These are the two Big Questions that are pertinent in human minds and have been made more controversial with the development of science along with religion. .
             Science derives theoretical explanation of phenomena based on experimental evidence; therefore many aspects of religion, which are usually more abstract, are rejected by science. The fundamental debate traces back to the question of whether there is God at all.
             However, let's suppose that with the perfect calibration of physical laws and constants for the survival of present life forms (regardless of the possibility that a different life form may still evolve in a different condition), that God really did involved in the miraculous and intricate process of creation, so then, who created God?.
             An explanation for this maybe sought in terms of the assumption of the existence of Space- Time and Dimensions. If it is justified to believe in the existence of many different dimensions (e.g. the theory of the twilight zone or higher dimensions that is out of normal human perception, or the string theory which presupposes the existence of a series of dimensions), and that God exists in one that is different from ours, then, the question of how God came into existence will cease to have importance.
             This can be explained that God may just exist in a dimension that is out of human capability to perceive and experience.

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