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Does God Exist

             Does God Exist? This is one of the questions in todays society that does.
             Fortunately, there are some of us who tend to.
             question the who's and how's one actually came before us. People's opinions.
             on the existence of God may differentiate, because of the church they attend,.
             their parents teachings, and the religion that they believe in. In this paper I will.
             discuss the opinions of different people including myself, a famous philosopher,.
             and a religion who are either for or against the existence of God. .
             In my life I myself have always came to the question does God really.
             exist. Where then I finally came to the conclusion, that I my self would not.
             choose one side, and instead would argue both perspectives relating to the.
             existence of God. One of the biggest reasons why I do believe in God is.
             because that was something that I have been taught to believe ever since I was.
             a young child. Attending a catholic church every Sunday is what also made me.
             help make a decision, this is because I was preached too believe in the one.
             thing all Catholics do, and that is that a being such as God does exist. .
             Besides having reasons that God does exist, there are also times I would.
             have to disagree and say that he does not. This is because I feel that no actual.
             evidence has proved that God was the one being higher then all of us. It to me.
             also seems impossible for one person to be held responsible for creating all.
             things on this earth. Another thing is that if God was considered such a loving,.
             and good person then what is the explanation for young innocent children who.
             are being abused, and the incident that happened on September 11, 2002. So.
             therefore God should free people on this earth from any pain and suffering and.
             he doesn't. A question that really leaves my mind confused is that if God did.
             exist and die then why was his body missing from the tomb.
             On Wednesday March 20, 2002 I interviewed my aunt Janet.

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