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Does God Exist

             Any attempt to remain neutral in relation to God's existence is automatically considered unbelief. It is far from a controversial question, for if God does exist, then our actions in life matter, if he does not exist, then our faith does not matter at all. In my belief system, God does exist. My faith stems from my childhood school days of attending a catholic school. Where I learned that a God does exist in the form of an almighty being that can see all and remembers everything. My beliefs have been formulated through the readings of the bible and teachings of priests during catholic school. I also learned that if I live a good clean life, according to the teachings of the bible that I will pass into a heaven upon my death. The passage into heaven is the affirmation of a good clean life. We use God as the moral center of society and that if there was no God society could fall apart. This system of religion is used to consider what is right or wrong. Without it, there would be a clash of ideas and total chaos could occur. .
             My belief in God extends much further into the realm of the unknown, such as the explanations of creation and existence of man and the universe. God provides the explanation of the complexity and wonder of the natural world. God fills in where science leaves off. The more scientists discover, the more many of them are realizing that the reason for things goes deeper than what science can explain. For those who already believe in a God, science may even strengthen their belief, not weaken it. Even things that seem like they might have been proven by science, which are conflicting with biblical teachings, may still have their origins in a God. .
             I have come to realize that throughout the years I have believed in God without any sufficient basis or full understanding of my religion and I still will continue on believing despite the arguments that I have been exposed to.

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