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            Are Hate Crimes Becoming Mainstream in Today's Society?.
             Hate crimes may have started in the past, but they are still present today. The hate crimes of the past were based mainly on racial prejudice, but today causes can range from crimes against gays to vandalism and graffiti. Hate still exists and it seems to be more evident in today's society more than it has ever been before.
             ?Hate crimes are not really about hate, but about some form of bias or prejudice?(Roleff 27). These crimes are done out of severe anger, ignorance, and lack of knowledge about other's ideas and beliefs. Racial prejudice is the most difficult prejudice to do away with (Pascoe). This occurs because differences consist of physical traits that are easily recognized. Racial prejudice has persisted throughout American history, and it still continues to trouble our society today. This is proven to be true by FBI reports, which state that race is the most common motivation for a hate crime.
             Hate crimes are not necessarily always based on racial prejudice though. Individuals will find specific traits to characterize others by to offend them in a way that would make them feel that a crime has been committed against them. Discrimination and prejudice based on sexual orientation, for example, is the most recent cause that has sparked many of the hate crimes of today. Ever since the 1970s, gay men and .
             lesbians have demanded the same protection as other minorities, but it seems that their demands have not yet been met (Roleff). It is not more painful or more horrible to be beaten or murdered due to our sexual orientation than it is to be the victim of violence on the basis of our race or nationality?(Roleff 38). That quote gives you an idea of how they feel about their situation compared to that of others and it also makes you think about why nothing has been done to make them feel safer to be part of today's society.

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