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R U a Concerned Citizen?Wat about child Labour?Is it right?

             Children of the tenderest years, WHY? They become stunted, crippled, deformed and useless. No manners what so ever and are likely to die by the age of twenty-five. The child slavery crisis is getting worse by the day. Children aged four and up are being forced to work sixteen hour days just to support their own families. .
             Being a conscientious citizen, I think it is my responsibility to express my concern about the slavery that is occurring to children in the factories. It gives me grief to have to hear about what is being done to these poor children. The bodies of these small children are not yet ready for this type of work, their bodies aren't even developed properly until about the age of 16. I will reaffirm you on the age these children start at, FOUR, yes! I can't believe that they are being made to work at that age. Most iron and coalmines are giving five-year-olds twelve-hour working days, which is done everyday of the week. Are these facts believable? No, but believe them because they are true. These upper class snobs are taking 120 000 of London's population to be there servants alone. On top of that, they are being paid such a pittance; some don't even get paid.
             Only 20% of the children in London are receiving or have received any education. These children are going to grow up and not know the proper ways of the world. All children should e receiving some sort of education. We want to bestow as much as possible to these children so they will help look after us one day when we are old and fragile. If this continues than the children will be more fragile than us, at such a fine age. Life doesn't have to be like this and something can be done. We might not be able to stop it altogether but we can prevent the hours they work and the age they start at. But we need your help other wise there is no point.
             Some of our politicians have been debating the benefits of the factory legislation.

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