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            "Othello is a calm, controlled, well respected general, husband to a passive Desdemona". From your consideration of act one, how far would you agree with this description of Othello and Desdemona?.
             Shakespeare's protagonist Othello is an isolated black male playing an active role in Venetian society. Thus his behaviour and actions where highly scrutinised which ment Othello had to act in a "calm" and "controlled" manor other wise would have had to face exile from Venice. His relationship with Desdemona is central to the play as it is controversial as it is unconventional in Venetian society due to their different races. .
             The reader's first encounter with Othello is in act one scene two where Iago informs Othello that Roderigo has been spreading foul reports of Othello's behaviour. Othello reacts in a calm and controlled manor by declaring "Let him do his spite: my service which I have done the signory shall out-tongue his complaints" which supports the statement. Othello's reaction here so early on in the play is vital as it provides the audience with their first impressions that shapes there views on him.
             Later on in act two, Brabatio and his men with swords confront Othello. This is the first time in the play there is potential for violence, how ever Othello takes control of the situation and is calm as he resolves the potential conflict by replying "keep up your bright swords, for the dew will rust them good signor you shall more command with years than with your weapons were it my cue to fight I would have known it without a prompter" which shows his ability to resolve a difficult situation.
             The audience already has the impression Othello does not react when he is verbally abused as he showed a great deal of maturity when speaking to Iago about Roderigo however Brabantio abuses Othello in person in front of the Duke where he calls him "o thou foul thief, abuser of the world, Moor" and accuses him of using "foul charms".

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